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Face issue 14

Face issue 14

The theme of FACE 14 is 'don't buy into Christmas this year!'

It is not a Christmas resource but aims to help your congregation reassess how they act, think and feel in the run-up to Christmas.

We recommend it for use in the months of October and November.

FACE 14.pdf460.51 KB
FACE 14 Christmas is real mission.pdf832.84 KB
FACE 14 christmas symbols quiz.pdf708.25 KB
FACE 14 gift wrapping ideas.pdf271.96 KB
FACE 14 Imagine this.pdf464.43 KB
FACE 14 Instruction on how to make a yoke.pdf330.37 KB
FACE 14 sermon outline .pdf696.67 KB
FACE 14 tips for dealing with Christmas.pdf274.17 KB
FACE 14 what a drama.pdf794.2 KB
FACE practical action.docx312.71 KB

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