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The gift of food (issue 2/08)

According to the UN, there is twice as much food as we need to feed the world – yet over 850 million people go hungry every day and their numbers are increasing.

Whilst the current global food crisis is affecting both rich and poor, it is those with little that are hit hardest.

For them it is literally a matter of life and death. As Christians with a heart for mission to the poor, what should our response be?

This issue of Mission Catalyst looks at the gift of food.

Features include:

  • an overview written by a UN representative of the worldwide struggle to feed hungry people
  • a reality check from BMS workers on what life is like for people in Bangladesh.
  • a debate into GM crops and their impact on farmers in Africa
  • a challenge to us to get back to basics over food.

You also find essential facts and statistics and a Bible reflection from Alistair Brown in his last issue of Catalyst as BMS general director.


From this page you can access extra material to use with this issue of Catalyst.

Click the words below for:

- an in-depth article about food ethics from A Rocha’s Ruth Valerio

- A PDF and PowerPoint can be downloaded below. See 'related links' to view and download a collection of images related to this theme – ideal for use in a PowerPoint at your church



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