Transforming lives on four continents

People movements (issue 3/07)

People move homes for a variety of reasons: conflict, natural disaster, work, education - or simply the desire for a better life.

This issue of Mission Catalyst takes a in-depth look at people on the move both worldwide and closer to home, and challenges us to what our reaction should be.

Articles include:

  • a focus on the way asylum seekers and refugees are publicly perceived
  • a look at urbanisation in one part of Latin America
  • an investigation into the impact migration has on society.

There are also a host of essentials quotes, facts and statistics and a thought-provoking Bible reflection on the theme.


From this page you can access extra material to use with this issue of Catalyst.


Click the words below for:

- two all-age activity ideas, including an accompanying PowerPoint

- a report about the Amigos project for Portuguese-speaking migrants in the UK

- two further case studies about migration: 'HIV & people movements' and 'Migration events in history'

- A PDF and PowerPoint can be downloaded below. See 'related links' to view and download a collection of images related to this theme – ideal for use in a PowerPoint at your church




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