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Fundraising complaints procedure

We at BMS World Mission welcome feedback on how we can improve our fundraising procedures and take any complaints very seriously.

A complaint can be made to us by email, phone or letter as follows:



If we receive a complaint, we will take the following action:


Stage 1 – Internal investigation

We will acknowledge the complaint in writing within 14 working days.  We will try to resolve the complaint as quickly as possible.  The complaint will be investigated by the Fundraising Co-ordinator, in consultation with the Director of Communications or, in the Director’s absence, with another Director.  We will advise the complainant of the outcome of this investigation within 30 days.


Stage 2 – General Director

If the complainant is not satisfied with our response, s/he can refer the complaint to the BMS General Director.  A response will be sent to the complainant within 30 days.


Stage 3 – Chair of BMS Board of Trustees

If the complainant is not satisfied with the response of the General Director, s/he can refer the complaint to the Chair of the BMS Board of Trustees.  The Chair of the Board will send a response to the complainant within 30 days of the referral.


Stage 3 – Fundraising Standards Board

If the complainant is not satisfied with how the complaint has been handled by BMS, s/he will have two months from the date of the response from the Chair of the Board to refer the complaint to the Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB), and we will let the complainant know how to contact the FRSB.  The FRSB is an independent body that works to ensure that charities raising funds from the public do so properly and honestly.


The FRSB will only investigate a complaint after we have conducted our internal complaints process.  FRSB will contact us for information and its staff will carry out their own investigation.  BMS will co-operate with them fully.  The Fundraising Standards Board will try to resolve the matter with all parties within 30 days.


Stage 4 – Fundraising Standards Board adjudication

If the complainant is still not satisfied, s/he can seek adjudication by the FRSB Board which will report its conclusion within 60 days.

The FRSB has the discretion to specify that no further action is appropriate or to prescribe a certain action in response to the complaint. As a member of the FRSB, BMS is committed to abide by any decision made by the FRSB.

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