Transforming lives on four continents

What we do

BMS delivers mission through six distinct ministries: church, development, education, health, justice and leadership.

“The Spirit has given each of us a special way of serving others.” 1 Cor 12: 5 

Just as we are all specially equipped for service, so there are many different ways of serving and the following ministries are the way we deliver mission. They are different but across them all, the highest goal of all we do is to bring people to a saving faith in Jesus Christ, and an experience of the abundant life he described. Partner with us by choosing one of these ministries and we’ll allocate people in that region who will be your partnered mission workers and who will provide your feedback, news and prayer points.


Church ministries

By partnering with BMS World Mission in church ministries you can help to equip, disciple and build up the Christian Church in communities around the world. 

The Bible knows nothing of lone Christians, but rather of faithful communities of believers who follow Jesus together. BMS is committed to partnering with local churches which take many different forms and expressions.

BMS is committed to supporting and equipping church planters as they seek the growth of the church in places where there is none. In India we actively support teams of church planters and in Peru we send church planters to initiate new congregations. BMS works in Europe sending pastors to encourage and build up local churches while in Uganda we seek to equip local pastors in discipling their members while at the same time teaching good agricultural practice.

Development ministries

By partnering with BMS World Mission in development ministries you can help to demonstrate Jesus’ love, compassion and concern to some of the world’s poorest people. 

BMS believes that people should know Christ and that, whilst the gospel is ultimately the route to salvation, mission also needs to include practical ministry to the vulnerable. Development ministries aim to re-establish God-given dignity by providing economic opportunity, community resilience and freedom from abuse. 

BMS has sought to do this through improving farming in Uganda, establishing clean water sources in Haiti, environmental protection in Chad, concern for widows, orphans, the disabled and marginalised women in Nepal. These development ministries are typically indigenous, locally-owned and delivered with cultural sensitivity.

Education ministries

By partnering with BMS World Mission in education ministries you can help poor and marginalised people around the world break out of the cycle of poverty. 

Across the world there are many schools and colleges that were begun by BMS pioneer missionaries. The early missionaries recognised the importance of education as a means of sharing the gospel. Today education is seen as no less important, as a tool of liberation and empowerment and also a way to disciple and encourage young people.

BMS supports education initiatives around the world. Our mission workers are involved in teacher training and pre-school programmes in Latin America and Africa, and teaching English as a foreign language in China. We invest in providing education for children of mission workers and support local partners running schools for the most marginalised in Nepal and mobile schools for slum children in India.

Health ministries

By partnering with BMS World Mission in health ministries you can help to prevent sickness and provide care for the ill and dying in desperately poor situations around the world. 

BMS is committed to sending people to work with nationals either by supporting them financially or by providing training and resources. The goal is to bring health and wholeness to the lives of people.

In Africa BMS has doctors and nurses working in areas as diverse as internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and palliative care, as well as helping those with HIV and Aids. In Asia we have medical personnel working and training other nationals, to bring medical care to remote and unreached communities. In Latin America, a BMS supported clinic is delivering healthcare to Peruvians and teaching healthcare in the local schools.

Justice ministries

By partnering with BMS World Mission in justice ministries you can help to tackle some root causes of abuse, degradation, poverty and exclusion around the world. 

As mission involves revealing God’s character to the world, BMS would be remiss if it did not communicate God’s characteristic of justice. BMS seeks to send people into justice mission and to empower local believers.

BMS conducts high profile campaigns which draw attention to global injustices like disability exclusion and human trafficking. However, to bring lasting change, we concentrate on bringing the cause of the vulnerable to places of power where change can occur. This typically takes the form of legal advocacy on land, child and inheritance rights in Africa. In southern Asia and Eastern Europe, this involves creating an alternative to the poverty trap that pulls people into exploitative migrant labour or the sex industry.

Leadership ministries


By partnering with BMS World Mission in leadership ministries you can help to train and equip leaders for the long-term benefit of communities and churches around the world. 

Jesus invested time in training leaders such as Peter and John. The Apostle Paul invested in training leaders such as Timothy. Good leadership is vital to the strength of churches. BMS devotes time and energy to equipping leaders in both churches and partner organisations who are seeking to make Christ known.

Church leaders are in many different settings. In Bangladesh BMS is investing sending experienced pastors and training national church leaders. In the Amazon region of Peru church leaders are being equipped with skills to enable them to serve their communities to improve their quality of life. In Nepal, personnel are working alongside local people seeking to equip them to work for peace where there is conflict.


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