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The BMS Birthday Scheme enables you to make a difference. By making a donation on your birthday, you can support the work of BMS World Mission in a real and practical way.


It is now possible to make your Birthday Scheme donation online. You can do this in two ways:


 2. Make a one-off online donation


If you are a UK taxpayer, you can increase the value of your donation by 25% by making your gift under Gift Aid. 


Other ways of giving regularly as a BMS 24:7 Partner


Where does your money go?

Your gift to the BMS Birthday Scheme will help save and enhance the quality of people’s lives on a daily basis through healthcare projects around the world. Your birthday joy will be spread to people in places such as Chad, Thailand, Nepal and many more!


Chad – a country with some of the worst mother and child mortality rates in the world, your gift could mean the difference between life and death.


Thailand – children with disabilities or those who are living with HIV can be helped to have a better quality of life, thanks to your gift.


Nepal – with your help, we can improve the quality of healthcare people receive in post-earthquake Nepal.


Find out more about the transforming projects the Birthday Scheme supports. 


Give your gift to the Birthday Scheme today by setting up a direct debit or making an online donation.

On behalf of all those who will receive loving healthcare because you have shared God’s blessing on your birthday, thank you!










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