Transforming lives on four continents

About the Birthday Scheme


The BMS Birthday Scheme supports medical work across the world. Every year, with your help, we raise over £300,000 for medical projects, such as:


  • Surkhet, Nepal, where patients with dehabilitating spinal injuries are treated at our occupational therapy clinic
  • Guinebor II Hospital in Chad, providing emergency treatment for malnourished children and vital health services for the local community
  • Hope Home, Thailand, where children with disabilities, rejected by society, find love and medical care


Any additional gifts will be used to support other areas of urgent need such as development projects that promote positive health by providing clean drinking water and alleviating hunger. All these projects are saving and transforming lives – and we’d love you to be part of them through the BMS Birthday Scheme.



This is how it works:


Step 1: a Birthday Scheme is set up in a church by a new Birthday Scheme Secretary, a volunteer appointed by the church.


Step 2: the Secretary sends a card, supplied (for free!) by BMS, to Birthday Scheme members on their birthday, along with a news bulletin and a gift envelope in the card.


Step 3: the member makes a gift, using the gift envelope or online. The member gives the envelope back to the Birthday Scheme Secretary who sends on all the gifts to BMS.




To find out more, order your Information Pack below or call Resources on 01235 517617. Thank you!

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