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Disaster recovery

Help BMS World Mission respond effectively to disasters



Please help us build resilience, respond quickly and avoid overwhelming community disasters.  
For free disaster recovery resources click here. Please use them when we launch an appeal or at any time to raise money for disaster recovery work.
We all know how it works, don’t we? Disasters happen. We don’t know why. The poor suffer, we donate money, the West swoops in and fixes everything. Everyone lives happily ever after.
But that’s not how it works. There are no quick fixes. Recovery and rebuilding after a war, drought or tsunami can take decades. Psychological scars don’t heal when the TV crews move on.
BMS works with local partners. We directly support people who are on-the-ground and understand the situation. We don’t send goods manufactured here that threaten local economies there.
Our work is looking forward. We give more grants to long-term recovery than immediate relief – that might mean paying for trauma counselling, rebuilding businesses or replanting crops. 
BMS raises money before disasters happen so that we can respond when they do. We can only do that because of you. Without your giving, none of the relief work we do could happen. With your giving it can.

Any money raised through this, or any other disaster recovery appeal in excess of the amount required will be used by BMS World Mission to support other work in areas of significant need.



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