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  • Letter from Richard Kyte

    Dear Sir   We have just received the Autumn 2014 Engage magazine and were very surprised to find an article on page 3 entitled ‘Building Solomon’s...

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  • Letter from Stephen Gray

    Dear Editor   I have just read the Autumn Engage magazine and on page 3 ‘Building Solomon’s Temple’. The only information I have about this and...

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  • Letter from Margaret Stout

    Dear Friends,   I am writing to you as I believe the Lord has laid a matter upon my heart. Toilet Twinning has been important to me for a while now, and I have included...

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  • Letter from John R Hudson

    Dear Editor,   Re. David Kerrigan's question, I would put the financial shackles that encumber so many countries today under a modern liberty tree [Autumn 2013]....

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  • Letter from Irene

    Dear Sir,   I was most interested to read Rob Parson's article on marriage [Autumn 2013], and felt disturbed when I read the question how he would feel if same...

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