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  • Climate change is boring - image

    We all know climate change is one of the major challenges facing humanity and that the Church, if it is to demonstrate Christ's love for the world, needs to care deeply...

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  • Global attitudes to climate change

    Climate change is a justice issue, a theological issue and an issue relating to how science interacts with politics, as mentioned in the Climate change is boring issue...

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  • Inferno: Bell, Driscoll and hell

        A mildly funny image satirising more extreme views of judgement in the afterlife by subverting a classic image from the classic illustration of Dante's...

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  • The fine-tuned Goldilocks universe

    An infographic about the fine-tuning of the universe and the Anthropic Principle.   To download a larger version of this infographic about the fine-tuned 'Goldilocks...

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  • Last supper science: science and God

    The Last Supper reimagined: Jesus and the disciples in Leonardo da Vinci's great painting exchange bread and wine for test tubes and bunsen burners.   To download a...

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