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  • Neoliberal economics: the Christian response

    A buzzing bee is a symbol for enterprise and busyness. But bees, as we read in the papers, are endangered. Scientists warn of the possible extinction of bees and the...

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  • Kingdom Economics

    Would I be right in assuming that you do not consider the current economic system to be perfect?   I do not indeed. But many people opposed to it just attack...

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  • Growing Pains

    The consensus that ever rising GDP is essential for national morale was well established in our culture long before the crash of 2008 and the consequent “austerity...

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  • In defence of capitali$m

    I want an end to poverty. I want a social system which operates justly in the general interest without boom and bust. I want to force even the most selfish into the service...

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  • The kingdom of God: a steady state economy?

    I’ll never forget the privilege, maybe five years ago, of addressing a small, interdenominational group of faith leaders in Washington, DC. I talked about limits to...

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