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  • Should Christians recognise nations?

    What is the relationship between Christian identity on the one hand and national identity or affiliation on the other? Does God care which side of a border someone is born...

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  • Q&A: Vinoth Ramachandra

    Vinoth Ramachandra returned to his native Sri Lanka after studying in the UK, to see the beginnings of the civil war which would tear the country apart. It was against the...

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  • America: an exceptional nation?

    For ten years I worked for an Englishman in America, never dreaming that one day I’d be an American living in Britain and married to an Englishman. The Englishman I...

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  • Is God an Englishman?

    There’s one occasion, and only one, when Brits are allowed to be nakedly patriotic. The great sporting events are for people who like sport, and I lack that gene....

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  • Borders – for good or ill

    Flux in ‘nation states’ is a feature of our generation. Germany was unified but the Soviet Union broke up. Spain won’t let the Basques separate whilst...

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