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'For God…' is a renewed vision and strategy document for BMS World Mission.
It lays out six key themes, which will characterise BMS' work over the coming years, some of which are new, others which build on existing commitments, all of which are important.
The title on the cover is simply 'For God...', the inside cover continuing the quote from John 3: 16 - 'For God... so loved the world'.
The document is the result of many months work, involving hundreds of people in our Baptist family who took the opportunity to comment on draft versions.

‘The Highest Goal…’ is the current BMS vision and strategy document, published in February 2014 with an intended life of four years.
It reflects on the progress we have made towards the themes we described in our previous vision document ‘For God…’, published in 2010.
We then go on to articulate a revised set of themes, which will guide our planning and actions in the coming years.
The title refers to a phrase within the previous vision document, which has been welcomed by a great many supporters. 
It clarifies our vision unambiguously as: ‘The Highest Goal of all we do is to bring people to faith in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and an experience of the abundant life that only he can provide’.



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