Transforming lives on four continents


Imagine men with guns overrunning your land. You gather your family and flee. But the camp you’re forced to live in is crowded, dirty and nothing like home. At least you’re alive.


When the nightmare of violence recedes, you return to your land with hope of a better future, growing fruit and vegetables. 


But you find all you owned has been stolen. You have no land. You have no money. You cannot feed your children. The nightmare continues.


Then, somebody comes along offering help. They help your family legally acquire the land. They teach you a way of farming that pleases God and before long you’re growing more crops than you ever did before. You have a home, you have enough to eat, and by selling your crops you can send your children to school. God has been faithful. This is the story of Hungry.


This video based resource is perfect to use at your harvest celebrations but also excellent for focusing on fighting hunger on many levels. Discover the difference that projects like this can make in Uganda. You can help BMS save lives there and in similar situations around the world.


It’s a simple choice to make.


Hungry DVD is available now. You can also order gift envelopes and an A3 poster - see below.

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