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The work of world mission through BMS has only been possible because, throughout its history, people like you have given generously in support of its purposes. Many have left legacies that have helped to write a positive future of life for many people, long after they themselves have left this earthly life for the heavenly one.

As we walk through life we leave our footprints behind us. Sometimes these are physical footprints but often they are much more subtle impressions. They reflect in the relationships we have made with people along the way, the work we have done, the letters we have written, the impacts we have made.

We have a lot of choice about what our footprints will say about us, and about the kind of influence they will have. Whether we are aware of it or not, like it or not, we leave an impression of ourselves wherever we go. And through that impression we influence the future, perhaps only in a small way, but the influence is real enough.

Through those footprints we are writing history. What future will we choose to write?

BMS World Mission has been taking the message of Jesus Christ into the world for over 200 years and that’s a sobering reminder that BMS has been around long before we were born and, God willing, will be around long after we have departed.

To find out how you can write a positive future through leaving a legacy to BMS, you can:

  • Order a Legacy leaflet online below
  • Request a leaflet from Resources on 01235 517617
  • Contact our Legacy Officer on 01235 517628
  • or e-mail us at


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