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Loans for Life appeal


Living in one of the poorest and most undeveloped* countries in the world, many people in Mozambique are caught in a vicious cycle of low life expectancy, poor levels of education and a dignity-destroying dependence on handouts. Men and women are unable to provide for their families, with many having no source of income.

We want to support these families – not through handouts, but through the Loans for Life microfinance project. Through small loans, BMS World Mission will provide the means to start new businesses for women and men living in poverty. We will provide not just the financial loan, but also the support and training that will enable them to turn the dream of a sustainable livelihood into reality. A true Loan for Life.
These businesses aren’t going to rival the big department stores you’re going to shop in this Christmas. But, if you help us provide a loan, that loan can be used to start a small business. Felix and Inacio are opening a home goods stall; Dzidzi and Pastor Zambo have started a frozen fish and chicken business; Chico wants to raise and sell chickens. With your help, we can provide these people with a Loan for Life!
And the consequences of that? A family can afford food and shelter. Children can go to school. Other people are employed. A whole community benefits. And then, as the money is paid back, it is loaned to another person, starting another business, helping another family, empowering another community.
Typically, a loan and the support needed to start a new business will cost £2,600 – so it needs:

200 people to donate £13, or
100 people to donate £26, or
50 people to donate £52
Could you be one of these people? Could you or your church give a lasting gift of empowerment and dignity that stretches from generation to generation? We hope you can.

BMS Business Challenge


Want to channel your inner apprentice? All you need is some enterprising church members and someone whose favourite phrase is “you’re fired”! 
Those taking part are put into teams. Each team has £10 to buy resources for their new ‘business’. This £10 could be for art materials to make cards, ingredients for cakes or even the soap and sponges to wash cars. After a few weeks, call the teams together and select the most successful apprentice team. The BMS Business Challenge is all about turning this £10 into as much as you can!
The money you raise can be sent to BMS to support Loans for Life and help men and women in Mozambique rediscover their dignity and create sustainable livelihoods for their families. What a wonderful gift!

* Mozambique ranks 178 out of 187 countries in the UN Human Development Index


If the funds received exceed the amount that can be used for this project, any additional funds will support justice and education ministries in Mozambique among communities living in poverty.

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