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Mission Acts


Does your church have a world mission policy or strategy?

If not read on, this workshop is for you!


BMS World Mission is pleased to bring you Mission ACTS, a resource that can help you gain a sense of focus and purpose in your church’s mission support and engagement. There are needs and good causes almost everywhere we look and we just can’t support everything. According to our research, too many churches, it seems, have arrived at their world mission engagement and support by accident rather than design.


This resource aims to equip you, as a leader, to help your church grapple with the question, ‘What is the Lord asking us to do in world mission?’


We’ll equip you to be able to help your church evaluate what you currently do, analyse your effectiveness and by the end of the process, develop your own mission strategy that is Agreed, Clear, Targeted and Strategic (ACTS).


If that’s something you think would be valuable, come along to a workshop where BMS will equip you to lead your church through the development of a coherent and focused approach to your mission support.


We have provided downloads for the exercises. You will need to print and prepare multiple copies. Please note that exercise 2 does not require printed materials therefore has no need for a download. Please print sufficient copies of the exercises for the size of group you are working with.


All materials are the copyright of BMS World Mission but are free to use within the specific context of churches working through Mission ACTS.

Downloadable resources

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