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Welcome to BMS Mission Projects – a new way in which you or your church can support the work of BMS World Mission by linking with a specific project. These mission projects cover the BMS ministries of church, development, education, health, justice and leadership, and are part of BMS’ vision to transform one million lives by 2020.
Together we can make this vision a reality.


Street Servants in Kolkata, India

Imagine living on the streets, without food, shelter or hope for the future. This is the reality for thousands of people in Kolkata. Street Servants, Christians from local churches, are making known the love of God and providing medical care and educational services for the homeless.



Resolving land disputes and rebuilding lives in post-conflict Uganda

Legal disputes over land ownership mean that farmers are unable to work their land, leading to hunger and poverty for their families. BMS-supported lawyers are working with these farmers to bring justice and end conflict in northern Uganda.


Transforming education for children in Nepal

In Nepal, many children are taught to memorise their lessons, with no understanding of how this learning can be applied to improve their lives and future. BMS is working with local schools to transform teacher training.


Training a new generation of Christian leaders in the Middle East

Christians in the Middle East are struggling in the face of severe persecution, the Syrian civil war and the refugee crisis. BMS is working in Lebanon to train Christian Leaders from the Middle East, to unite and lead the struggling Church in the region.


Saving lives in a Chadian desert hospital 

Chad is in the midst of a medical crisis. Mothers and children are dying of preventable illnesses every day, and are crying out for God’s healing hand. BMS World Mission is working in a desert hospital to provide life-saving medical treatment to those in need. 


Transforming lives in the Albanian Roma Community

Marginalised and abandoned, the Roma community in Albania are struggling to survive. BMS workers are bringing the light of God's love to this community through Christian groups and practical support to improve living conditions, medical care and educational services.


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