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BMS Mission Where You Are course

For the first time, BMS is offering training for Mission Where You Are. Draw on our wealth of experience in cross-cultural mission as you shape your understanding and practice of mission, both local and global. Book now to avoid disappointment!

Mission doesn’t just happen overseas in exotic places. It’s about who God is and what he is doing – and Christians everywhere are caught up in it – in our ordinary lives. BMS has been doing mission for 225 years, on all (inhabited) continents, with all sorts of people. We have learnt from experience, from others and from our mistakes. BMS is now offering the benefit of this experience to Christians in Britain who feel called to mission wherever they are.

Mission Where You Are is a training course designed by BMS for Christians who feel called to mission in their workplace, through their local church or in the communities where they live. It’s not overseas, but it’s still very much mission. BMS is offering the cross-cultural mission training we give to our overseas mission personnel to people committed to, or exploring, mission where they are, here in the UK.

The course will run over six weekends, spread over two years, that aim to challenge your thinking, resource your imagination and energise your engagement in mission. You will be guided by experienced practitioners and trainers and be part of a dispersed community of people growing together in confidence, competence and faith.

Training takes place at our mission education centre in Birmingham, and each weekend costs just £150 per person, including accommodation and meals.
Already sold? Mail right now to book your place. Want more information? Read on!

On the Mission Where You Are course, you won’t just sit listening in class. You’ll bring your own experience and knowledge, reflect on your own practice and that of others, and share with others something of how you see God at work where you are.

The six weekends include:
1. The Bible and mission (6-8 October 2017)

This weekend examines the big story of the Bible, from creation through to reconciliation, and explores how we discern God’s activity in the world and what it means to get caught up in God’s mission.  
2. The gospel and your context (19-21 January 2018)

On this weekend, you’ll be offered resources for exploring and understanding your local context. These sessions chart the importance of? contextual awareness for mission and theology, and examine the relationship between the gospel and the multiple contexts of our lives and witness.
3. Understanding honour and shame cultures (8-10 June 2018)

You will discuss how the dynamics of honour and shame shape and influence cultures, from the Global South and the cultures of biblical times to western society.
4. Reimagining church, reframing witness (12-14 October 2018)

This weekend explores mission in a post-Church context and draws on the experience of the Church in the Global South to enable a conversation about church, discipleship and witness in the West.
5. Engaging your community (12-14 January 2019)

Theological and practical resources for churches developing effective community engagement are offered on this weekend, which explores the dynamics of working with and being in, rather than doing things to or for, our wider communities.
6. Hospitality as mission (7-9 June 2019)

This weekend reflects on hospitality as a key biblical and theological practice and explores how hospitality can resource and shape our spirituality and mission.
You can sign up for the whole course or just the weekends you feel will benefit you most. But hurry, as spaces are limited!

To book your place on the BMS Mission Where You Are course right now or to contact us with queries, please email

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