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Warm welcomes for Kang-San Tan

Messages of welcome to the next General Director of BMS World Mission emphasise his global experience and passion for mission.

Kang-San Tan BMS World Mission General Director 2017

The Baptist family, both here and around the world, has reacted to the news that Dr Kang-San Tan will take over from David Kerrigan as BMS General Director this year with a sense of confidence and affirmation. The appointment has been called “bold and creative”. Leaders of key Baptist partners sent the following messages in response to the announcement. 


Dr Neville Callam, General Secretary, Baptist World Alliance


Neville Callam BWA

“Over the years, BMS World Mission has enjoyed outstanding leadership and has displayed passionate commitment to God’s mission through the Church. BMS has understood the importance of local leadership to the churches’ effectiveness and has encouraged mission from everywhere to everywhere. Baptist World Alliance celebrates the BMS decision to call into service a person with leadership experience in mission on three continents. We are confident that, under Dr Kang-San Tan’s leadership, BMS will continue to contribute significantly to the understanding and execution of the Church’s mission.”

Tony Peck, General Secretary, European Baptist Federation

“Our region of Europe and the Middle East has increasingly become a melting-pot of cultures from all over the world. We are excited at the prospect of such a respected global missionary theologian as Dr Kang-San Tan coming among us, bringing his unique wisdom and experience to help us to witness more effectively to the risen Christ. Under his leadership we look forward to a continuing rich and fruitful partnership between BMS and the European Baptist Federation.”  

Judith Morris, General Secretary, Baptist Union of Wales


“We are delighted to hear about the appointment of Dr Kang-San Tan and look forward to welcoming him and learning about his perspective on global mission and future directions for BMS. As a nation, Wales has a rich heritage of sending missionaries, especially to East Asia, and it will be exciting to develop our partnership with Kang-San as we respond to missional challenges at home and overseas. At the same time, we wish David Kerrigan well in his retirement and record our heartfelt thanks for his faithful service and sterling leadership over many years.”

Lynn Green, General Secretary, Baptist Union of Great Britain


"I am excited about the appointment of Dr Kang-San Tan as the new General Director for BMS. This is a bold and creative appointment and one that I believe will also impact Baptists Together as we seek to engage in mission in the UK in the future. It was a privilege to be part of the discerning process for this appointment. I have really enjoyed working alongside David Kerrigan and appreciated his support in so many different ways, and I look forward to welcoming Dr Tan in the same spirit."

Alan Donaldson, General Director, Baptist Union of Scotland


“The Baptist Union of Scotland is thrilled that a missiologist of the stature of Dr Tan has been appointed to head up BMS. We applaud the decision to appoint a General Director from the majority world. A significant number of mission workers have been called to BMS from Scotland over the years and we believe Kang-San will play a part in inspiring continued enthusiasm for BMS north of the border. We are pleased that Kang-San has already experienced life in Scotland, having studied for his doctorate at Aberdeen University, and we look forward to welcoming him back here soon.” 

Stephen Adams, Honorary Secretary, Irish Baptist Networks and Chair of the Fellowship of Baptists in Britain and Ireland (FBBI)


“The inputs of the BMS General Director and his staff have always been a key element of the informal get-togethers of the Fellowship of Baptists in Britain and Ireland, which Irish Baptist Networks joined in 2011. The challenges of ‘the global’ impacting on ‘the local’ have encouraged a missional emphasis to our shared discussions. We thank God for David and will warmly welcome Dr Tan to his seat at the FBBI table in November.” 

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