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Posted by Jane Edwards at 19:10 on 31st May 2017

My last blog post ended with needing to look at the bigger picture rather than just getting bogged down in all the details. Well, after arriving in Mozambique last Tuesday, over the weekend I had a chance to see part of the bigger picture of what I’ll be doing here.

I was down in Maputo (the capital of Mozambique) to attend a conference that AMAC (the Mozambican Christian Lawyers Association) had put on for pastors and church leaders. The conference was about the importance and biblical mandate for justice, and the practical role that pastors and the church can and do play in this area. For me, the conference reinforced my sense of calling and God’s heart for justice.

Two of the main speakers at the conference were Andrew and Lindsay Caplen. Andrew is a solicitor, and was president of the Law Society (the body that covers all solicitors in England and Wales) a few years ago, and Lindsay is a Baptist minister and BMS trustee. I have met them a few times in the UK, and it has been lovely to see a couple of familiar faces in amidst all the new ones of this past week. The Caplens were also staying at the same guest house as us.

The guest house was for Christian mission workers and reminded me of IMC in some ways. Meals were all together with the owners and other guests, we got to meet people from all over the world who had some amazing stories of how God has been working in their lives and ministries. Coffee and tea available to make whenever we wanted it. And books we could borrow and read during our stay there.

Over the weekend I also had the opportunity to meet the AMAC team who work in Maputo. Lots more new faces, to add to those I have met in Beira. But great to feel more that we will be part of the same team and when I hear people’s names here to actually know who they are talking about.

Lunch with the Maputo AMAC team, and also Annet Ttendo Miller and Damien Miller (and their daughter Patience) who are BMS workers with AMAC in Beira and travelled down to Maputo with me

I have to admit, after the six weeks I had in between IMC and coming here, where the only constants seemed to be packing and travelling, I had not particularly been looking forward to having to make another trip only two days after arriving in Beira. Looking back, though, it was well worth the additional travel involved and I’m really excited for what lies ahead for me in Mozambique.



Hello Jane
How are you? How are you settling in at Beira? Are you starting to find things to do?
We have had a busy two weeks since arriving back in England. Catching up with work, related issues etc.
Lindsay is at Didcot today, David K's last Board Meeting.
Would you mind if I reposted this on the Justice Matters blog?
Best wishes

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