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Gulu Globetrotters

Posted by Linda and Tim Darby at 17:04 on 5th June 2017

Globetrotters 5Today was the first day at school.  That is the first day of our new school (Gulu Globetrotters School) located in the outbuilding behind our house.  There are two classes (Squirrel Class and Tiger Class), seven children (from 2 years to 5 years old), one teacher (a volunteer from America) and a Ugandan class assistant. 

Gulu Globetrotters is the accumulation of a lot of thoughts, ideas, stress and prayers (most of them from you, our supporters) and we just want to thank God for all of this. 

All the children, including Joshua (of Tiger Class) and Annabelle (of Squirrel Class) were very excited and seemed to enjoy their day. 

We are really sorry we didn’t send a blog when we first got back, there has been a lot on our plates, we started a blog called ‘You’ve been lost….’  where we described the excitement of the children as they arrived ‘home’ and reunited with their puppy “Molly”.  Joshua and Annabelle had both been very excited about coming back ‘home’ to Uganda and for us it did feel like coming home.

We arrived back to our home finding it in good condition, it has been a joy to reunite with our colleagues and community showing them Elsa.  A lot of the Acholi friends have expressed ‘you’ve been lost’ meaning it’s a long time since we saw you last.

Tim is very excited about the potential of the new water project.  Our US partners have raised their target amount to buy the drilling rig outright and we hope to have the drilling rig in Gulu within a few weeks and our first boreholes in a month. 

Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts.

Every blessing,



We had a church meeting last night and everybody present shared your joy over the school and possibility of the drilling rig arriving soon.
Greetings from Tring.

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