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If God can use me, He can use anyone!

Posted by Fiona Welsh at 19:18 on 17th August 2014

Every now and then I think back to when God first planted thoughts in my mind about mission. At the time I thought, this is crazy, how can I possibly be used in mission.  Over the last 4 or 5 years as well as training representatives from the Baptist Churches in Angola and Mozambique there have been opportunities to do some Project Management training with lawyers (in Mozambique), PEPE Coordinators (in Brazil, Angola and Mozambique) and also with other BMS Mission Workers who have passed that training on in Uganda. It’s always very humbling to feel that you’ve been used by God in some way and that’s how I felt when I read a friend’s blog this week. “Early in July, we attended a short training in project management offered by one of our fellow missionaries here in Beira. It was very helpful as we have noticed that while there is no shortage of ideas for projects from Mozambicans, the knowledge and skills to implement those ideas with success are lacking. No sooner than the week after we met with our friend, we were getting requests to teach and advise regarding project management. We hadn’t yet told anyone in the church we were gathering those teaching resources and here we were receiving multiple requests for exactly that type of training. It was one of those times I step back and get a real sense of God being countless steps ahead of us; a humbling and exciting feeling indeed.”  Kim and Erik are working with the United Church of Christ through Global Ministries.


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