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Monsoon - almost here?

Posted by Cynthia and Ian Chadwell at 10:59 on 10th June 2017

Last Monday I attended an interview to renew my work permit.  This is one of the last stages of the process to renew my visa.  Some of you remember that I had to return to Nepal very briefly last year in order to attend this interview.  Thankfully this year the logistics of getting to interview were a lot easier.  Hopefully the work permit will be renewed by the time we go on holiday to the States in a couple of weeks time but the chances of us getting our new visas stamped by then look increasingly unlikely.  We are all a bit wary of handing over our passports to the Immigration office within days of needing them to fly away.

The local weathermen say monsoon is arriving early.  Like this week.  It certainly feels more monsoon-like with severe downpours in the middle of the afternoon, usually about the time when the children are leaving school or I am leaving the office.   But it does need to rain, and a reduction in temperature would be welcome.  I was in Bharatpur (Chitwan) for a training workshop last week and it was HOT!

Whilst the UK had a general election but ended up with the same Prime Minister, Nepal did not have any elections but the Prime Minister changed.  The leadership of the governing coalition changed to the leader of another party as previously agreed.  We await to see who will be the new Health Minister.

Do think of Lucy this week.  She has end of year exams in pretty much all of her subjects.  She will be glad when the week is over.

Ian, Cynthia, Justin and Lucy


Fingers crossed for your visas and Good Luck in your exams Lucy!

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