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Sights, sounds (and smells!)

Posted by Gemma Leadley at 05:09 on 24th March 2014

Here are some further musings on the sights and sounds (and even some smells) that I have been encountering whilst living in Dhaka.

Wedding lights!

Wedding lights!

It’s cockroach season here at the moment. My first sighting was a few weeks ago – and it was a large cockroach – MASSIVE! I then found a marvellous anti-roach gel in my local store that I put in the corners of the rooms of my apartment, and have not seen a live one since :)

It is wedding season here too. In my last post I shared with you all about my first experience of attending a Bengali wedding and some of the traditions that are involved with this. One tradition that I didn’t mention then was that the bride’s family will often pay to have the whole of their apartment block covered in fairy lights. If they really “splash-out”, a bamboo structure is built along the complete length of the street, and lights are hung all the way along– it is an amazing sight!

Bright orange!

Bright orange!

It is not unusual here in Bangladesh to come across men with their hair (beards included) dyed bright orange – the colour of a well-known fizzy drink will give you a good idea of the particular shade of orange!

The weather here is becoming increasingly hot. With increasing heat has come some interesting smells! Rubbish
dumps are very close to housing and there are open sewers that run along the streets, and so the pong is becoming stronger by the day. We have it easy though living in an apartment block way up high from the ground – I really can’t imagine what it must be like for those who live in the slum areas, who are on the ground floor with raw sewage and rubbish dumps just outside their “front doors.”

Every day in Dhaka there are new things to see and experience – some are wonderful, others are horrible, and some are just plain weird (I’m sure that Bangladeshi’s might say the same about UK culture!). There will be plenty more to share with you in the upcoming months. Watch this space. Bye for now :)

Rubbish dump

Rubbish dump


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