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UK Travel Assignment

Posted by Laura-Lee Lovering at 17:37 on 29th June 2017

On a 572 mile journey by car between Porthcawl, South Wales and Inverness, Scotland, which includes a 60mph average-speed-controlled section around 136 miles long, the difference between travelling worry-free at 55mph and trying to maintain an average speed of just-about-legal 59mph, is about 10 minutes out of an estimated journey travel time of 9 hours and 25 minutes (not including comfort breaks, of which several were comfortably enjoyed). And yet not travelling as close to the speed limit as possible without risking *shock* and *horror* GETTING CAUGHT seems to be the order of the day.

Over the last 4 weeks I’ve travelled around 3,300 miles, a lot of that being me driving myself. Thanks must be given to my parents who accompanied me, sharing the driving on our trip up to Inverness BC (thank-you Scotland for the lovely people and stunning landscapes). And to my sister and brother-in-law who have caught on to the fact that they can ease my driving load, hear about what I’ve been up to over the last 20 months in a fairly concise format with pictures and have a good excuse for a weekend away if they offer to drive me to a speaking engagement (very shrewd and provides a real relief for me). Many others at the different churches which I’ve had the privilege of visiting have also provided relief in this area too, not to mention the numbers of homes and dining tables which have been opened to me along the way, which have also been nothing but blessing.

Driving in Peru has been described as an extreme sport and even if I had access to a road network, I wouldn’t want to have to drive on it. Between families on scooters who swerve in front of you without looking or indicating and the roads liable to landslides and flash flooding, I’m quite happy to stick to public transport and let someone else worry about it.

In contrast, the roads in the UK seem almost comically well-behaved for the most part and I’m happy to report that the only incident in over 3,000 miles was my scraping the passenger-side wheel arch as I failed to navigate the narrow drive way of my parent’s new home within my first week of being back on the UK roads.

So why do I feel the need to get as close to breaking the rule as I can without actually doing it, even when on balance it makes so little difference to the outcome? The whole way my eye is flitting between the road ahead and the speedometer and I’m missing out on stunning scenery. It feels as though there must be a life lesson for me here somewhere…

Much love,




God bless you in your home assignment and enjoy the time with your family! Thank you for looking after the action team in Peru October 15 to March 16, when my granddaughter Emma was with you!!

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