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Syria: You can help

Please give now to the BMS Syria appeal



You can’t help two million refugees. But you can help some of them.


It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the Syrian crisis, but there is something you can do. We’re not going to pretend that you can fix everything in a conflict that has left well over 100,000 people dead and almost two million wrenched from their homes, often living in makeshift camps in foreign lands. But you can do something that will help.


By giving now to BMS disaster recovery work in Syria, you will help people who have lost everything ‒ homes, jobs, family members and contact with home.

You can do something practical to help ease their suffering and let them know that the world has not forgotten them.


Through trusted Christian partners in Lebanon and Jordan, BMS has already given £36,250 towards meeting the basic needs of those driven from their homes by this conflict. Through the True Vine Baptist Church we’re currently helping 50 families in Lebanon’s Bekaa valley to feed their children and themselves, but we could be helping so many more.


Syria refugee children

You can make a difference today to what kind of future a Syrian refugee will have in the coming months. You can improve life for a person who, though separated by distance and culture, will have many of the same hopes and fears as you.


£32 could provide a food basket to help feed a Syrian refugee family for a month


Please make the choice not to give in to hopelessness.


Please give now. You can click on the link below to donate to the Syria Appeal online or phone the donations hotline on 01235 517641.


Sources: Reuters, UNHCR, September 2013


BMS Syria Appeal: BMS World Mission's Syria relief appeal

Please note that if the funds received exceed the amount required for this project, the additional funds will be used to support other BMS ministries among vulnerable and suffering people.

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