Transforming lives on four continents


Today BMS works in five distinct regions of the world: Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East and North Africa. The needs are many and various, from crippling material poverty which is the root of so much other suffering and deprivation, to spiritual poverty.

“Go to the people of all nations and make them my disciples.” Matthew 28: 19.

If your passion is to share in this Great Commission, then read through these summaries of the regions where we do mission and decide which one you would like to partner in with us. Whichever you choose, we’ll allocate people in that region who will be your partnered mission workers and who will provide your feedback, news and prayer points.

By partnering with BMS World Mission in Africa you can help the Church to tackle poverty and injustice amongst some of the world’s poorest people.

Six of the eight African countries supported directly by BMS are in the bottom ten of the UN human development index and many of these countries have few well-trained Christian church leaders. The majority of the population are living on less than $2 (£1.20) a day and many communities have broken down or been completely destroyed by war. This complex inequality is a huge challenge for the Christian Church in this region.

One of the developing aspects of mission in Africa is legal and advocacy work to give practical support to voiceless people. BMS is also involved with education programmes, theological training, medical work as well as community development work with local people including improving farming systems.

By partnering with BMS World Mission in Asia you can help the Church to stand firm under pressure and to be a voice for the vulnerable in society.

Asia has several of the world’s fastest growing populations and economies. Some countries are racing ahead in increasing technology, wealth and education. However, millions are also marginalised in society and facing destitution.

The Church in Asia is asking for BMS’s help, especially in standing alongside them where their members are under pressure for their convictions in Christ. Asians value education highly and churches are inviting BMS to partner with them in theological education and in building capacity within local fellowships. BMS also works alongside local Christians, to challenge stigma and oppression, whether based on ethnicity, gender, health, beliefs or any other area which divides people from each other.

By partnering with BMS World Mission in Europe you can help to build up the Church and bring the good news of Jesus to communities that are spiritually poor.

The mission challenges across Europe are multiple: the growth of secularism, economic deprivation, the rise of the extreme right wing, inter-ethnic tension, organised crime, the marginalisation of minorities, the breakdown of the family and excessive individualism. Not all parts of Europe suffer from material poverty but other forms of poverty are just as serious.

We Europeans no longer find ourselves in the ‘heart of the action’, as far as the Christian Church is concerned. On the contrary, the continent that once gave birth to world mission is now the prodigal. BMS is partnering with Baptist Unions in Europe by sending church leaders and supporting national pastors.

By partnering with BMS World Mission in Latin America you can help the Church to show the reality of the Kingdom of God in practical ways in diverse communities.

Latin America has large ethnic mixes, with migrant groups from Europe, Africa, the Far and the Middle East, with many isolated tribal groups in forests, mountains and deserts. There is also huge religious diversity. The continent as a whole suffers from immense social inequality, documented by the UN as the greatest barrier to development. Millions live in conditions of extreme poverty.

BMS workers get alongside churches ministering God’s love in the poorest sectors of society and supporting national workers and national mission projects. Small Baptist Conventions need support in their mission of spreading the Kingdom of God through evangelism, social work, community development, healthcare and theological education.

By partnering with BMS World Mission in the Middle East and North Africa you can help to share the love of Jesus with some of the world’s most unreached people.

Christians in the region have long been discriminated against, detained, imprisoned, tortured and even killed for their faith in Jesus Christ. The needs are colossal but only a small percentage of the world’s mission workers serve there. The international community has witnessed a momentous period of uprisings in the region. The region continues to be in the throes of rapid and extraordinary change, which, despite the uncertainty that this brings, offers new opportunities for ministry.

BMS is working with local partners to provide healthcare, training and development projects. Both local believers and the world Church have a significant role to play at this historic time for the Middle East and North Africa.

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