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Resolving land disputes and rebuilding lives in post-conflict Uganda

BMS Ministry: Justice
This project will provide access to justice, resolve land disputes and help rebuild lives in post-conflict northern Uganda.
BMS is committed to bringing justice to the people of northern Uganda. Working with Ugandan Christian lawyers, BMS is providing legal advice and helping to end land disputes. By restoring peace, the land can be worked, northern Uganda can finally recover, and its people can start to rebuild their lives.


What are the problems?


Northern Uganda is still recovering from devastating civil conflict.

Since 2006, nearly two million internal refugees have returned to their homes following the end of civil conflict. This has given rise to legal disputes over land ownership which often erupt into violence and unrest.


Farmers cannot invest in working and improving land, without the certainty of land ownership.

In 2013, a survey by a BMS partner indicated that 46 per cent of households in the Acholi sub-region in northern Uganda have experienced land disputes, and that less than a third of the land is cultivated. With the uncertainty over ownership, farmers are not able to invest their meagre resources in improving the land and growing crops, resulting in food shortages for the poorer families.


A lack of access to justice.

In the north, many revert to cultural traditions, which discriminate against women and children. On the death of their husband, some widows find that their land is taken over by their husband's family, although legally it belongs to them. Without land, the widows cannot feed or support themselves or their children. Without income, they cannot afford legal advice to access justice.



How BMS will help


Legal workshops

Informing people of their rights regarding land ownership, empowering poor farmers to secure legal ownership of their land and widows to claim back their land from relatives, and encouraging the use of modern Ugandan law.


Land mediation meetings

Providing a means through which legal conflict can be resolved. With the securing of legal ownership, the farmers can work their land and provide for their families.


Free legal clinics and legal aid

A new initiative through which anyone can come for advice or aid on any matter, a practical means of ministering to the most vulnerable in society.


Building the local church

Providing churches with land security through land registration, and enabling them to serve their local community by hosting legal workshops and clinics.


In the last year, BMS-supported workers helped over 1,500 people who otherwise would have had no access to justice.



How can I help?


Your gifts can make a real difference:


£14 can provide free legal aid to one person living in poverty


£46 can provide legal advice for ten people on land ownership, protecting the rights of poor farmers and widows


£460 can empower one hundred people to reclaim their land and provide food and support for their families




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Your gifts will be used to support BMS justice ministries which include the project 'Resolving land disputes and rebuilding lives in post-conflict Uganda'. If you would like to receive regular feedback on this project, please indicate on your donation form.


Supporting this project


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Thank you for your prayers and support for the people of Uganda.



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