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Transforming lives in the Albanian Roma community

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This project will support the ostracised Roma and Egyptian communities in Albania, to tackle the injustices they face in everyday life and bring opportunity and hope for the future.

One of the poorest countries in Europe, Albania has struggled in the face of economic and social difficulties over the past 25 years.

BMS World Mission is working with the Roma community in Kafe e Rejmes, a river community which is literally living on a rubbish dump. Working in five key areas, we want to transform the lives of those on the margins of society.


What are the problems?


The low levels of employment in the Roma community

Due to discrimination and poor educational qualifications, many Roma are excluded from employment.


Food poverty and large amounts of debt affecting families With an average income of less than £1.15 a day, many Roma families are reliant on debt to buy food. Food poverty means that malnutrition is a common problem amongst Roma children. 


Poor health standards and facilities

With difficulties accessing healthcare and vaccinations, preventable health problems plague many Roma in Albania. Poor housing and no electricity also leave many families vulnerable to sickness and disease. 


No provision for the development of the children

Often, young children are taken with a parent while they work, and have no opportunity to develop the vital skills necessary to succeed when they begin school at age six.




How BMS will help


BMS are working with the community in Kafe e Rejmes in five main areas:


1.  Eat, Talk and Pray

A safe space for those living in the Kafe e Rejmes community, giving them an opportunity to pray and meet Jesus.


2.  Food Bank

In partnership with the Albanian Food Bank, BMS are providing food and basic relief to those who cannot afford to feed themselves.


3.  Stay and Play

A new pilot programme which will provide a positive, pre-school environment for the parents and children of Kafe e Rejmes, giving parents the confidence to encourage and support their children in their development and help prepare the children for school.


4.  Health promotion

A new centre will provide health services to the community, including basic screening and promoting improved community health.


5.  Restoring the community’s electricity supply

The community does not have an active electricity supply, which is vital to improving health, education and general wellbeing. Reconnecting the electricity supply will also help to increase trust between the local community and BMS workers.



How can I help?


Your gifts can make a real difference:


£17 can provide a day's support to the Food Bank partnership in Kafe e Rejmes


£43 can cover five per cent of the costs of restoring the electricity supply


£104 can provide a week of health promotion to a community in desperate need of healthcare




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Supporting this project


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Thank you for your prayers and support for the Roma community in Albania.



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Capital: Tirana 
Population: 2,886,026 (2016 est.)
Size: 28,748 sq km
Language: Albanian
HDI: 85/188 (2014)


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