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Saving lives in a Chadian desert hospital

BMS Ministry: Health
This project will enable some of the world's poorest people to receive life-changing healthcare through a desert hospital in N'Djamena, Chad.
Chad is a country in desperate need of access to healthcare, with only one doctor for every 25,000 people and one of the world's worst maternal mortality rates.


BMS World Mission is working with the Guinebor II Hospital in N'Djamena, where our personnel are tackling some of the extreme medical problems facing the Chadian people and witnessing to their faith in the Muslim-majority community.


What are the problems?


One of the highest maternal death rates in the world

Despite falling by almost half since 1990, Chad still has an alarmingly high maternal death rate and women have a one in 18 lifetime risk of dying of maternal causes. Over 75 per cent of women giving birth do not have a trained midwife or doctor present.


High levels of poverty and chronic food insecurity

In 2015, Chad ranked 116th out of 117 countries on the Global Hunger Index. Malnutrition has particularly affected vulnerable children and has led to the stunted growth of 39.9 per cent of Chadian children under the age of five.


Very low levels of public health awareness

There is only one doctor for every 25,000 people in Chad, and knowledge of good health and nutritional practices is poor.



How BMS will help


A safer environment for mothers and their new-borns

In July 2015, BMS opened a brand new maternal healthcare centre at Guinebor II. This has enabled the midwives to deliver safely over 100 babies a month, giving young mothers and their babies a safer start to life. BMS also supports a maternal health community awareness programme to help women during their pregnancies.


A response to the needs of undernourished children

To tackle the problem of malnutrition, Guinebor II employs two malnutrition prevention workers to provide treatment to malnourished children, as well as running a wider hunger prevention awareness programme.


A disease prevention and medical programme

Preventable illnesses are extremely common in Chad, and through the provision of basic medical education and practical items, such as mosquito nets, a real positive difference can be made in the everyday lives of local people.


An outreach programme to the local Muslim community

The local community is majority-Muslim, and BMS supports the hospital’s chaplain and the outreach programme that he runs. Through Christian film evenings and by staff praying with patients when the opportunity arises, God’s presence can really be felt in Guinebor II.



How can I help?


Your gifts can make a real difference:


£14 can cover the cost of a day’s outreach work with the local Muslim community


£48 can help the support the work of malnutrition prevention workers providing vital care to undernourished children


£138 can pay the salary of a Chadian doctor in Guinebor II hospital for a week



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Supporting this project


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Thank you for your prayers and support for the Guinebor II Hospital.



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Capital: N'Djamena 
Population: 13,670,084 (2015 est.)
Size: 1,284,000 sq km
Language: Arabic, French
HDI: 185/188 (2015)


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