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Street Servants in Kolkata, India

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Street Servants in Kolkata are bringing God's grace and serving homeless adults and children through church planting and providing education and medical care.
Inspired by Street Pastors, Street Servants are serving the homeless people of Kolkata by meeting immediate needs and giving hope for the future through education and medical care. They are spreading the name of Jesus in Kolkata, planting small group churches, and mobilising local churches to transform their city.


What are the problems?


There is an estimated 500,000 homeless people on the streets of Kolkata

This is an incredible and unacceptable number. Many of these people are forced to do menial work for very little and live off the bare minimum.


Of these, there are roughly 100,000 homeless children

These children have no opportunity for schooling and are often forced into child labour. They have no chance to escape a life on the street and no hope for the future.


The local church needs to act and be involved in the community

The Church in Kolkata needs help to serve its local community. If the churches are encouraged to serve their communities, Christians in Kolkata could make a real difference in the city.




How BMS will help


Encouraging street ministry by small group churches

Local Christians can make a real difference in bringing the light of Jesus to the streets of Kolkata, with new small group church plants at the heart.


Providing children on the streets of Kolkata with the opportunity to hear of Jesus

For the first time in their lives, many children will hear the good news of the Gospel through Bible stories and encounter Christian love.


Transforming the lives of homeless children through education and medical care

This project will provide education for children through Street Schools to help them prepare for entry into the Indian school system. There will also be the provision of basic healthcare, protecting children from dangerous illnesses and disease.



How can I help?


Your gifts can make a real difference:


£20 can cover the travel costs for a doctor to visit two of the pavement dweller communities in Kolkata


£48 can provide teaching materials for 12 children in a Street School


£200 can help to mobilise 20 local churches to become Street Servants in Kolkata



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Supporting this project


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Thank you for your prayers and support for the hundreds of thousands of homeless, hopeless and hungry people in Kolkata.



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Capital: New Delhi 
Population: 1,293,057,000 (2016 est.)
Size: 2,287,263 sq km
Language: Hindi, English
HDI: 130/188 (2015)


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