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Transforming education for children in Nepal

BMS Ministry: Education
BMS World Mission is working to see a positive transformation in the education of Nepali children through improved teacher training.
BMS is working in partnership with the Kathmandu International Study Centre (KISC) to improve teacher training and children’s education through the KISC Educational Quality Improvement Programme (EQUIP). This project will help to positively transform the lives of the children and their communities.


What are the challenges?


The dominance of outdated, ineffective teaching methods.

Rote learning is a common teaching method in Nepal, which has the sole aim of enabling children to pass tests, without understanding what they are learning.


Children cannot apply what they have learned.

One BMS worker gave the example of children being able to recite how to keep clean and healthy, but not understanding how or why to put this into practice.


Children are not taught how to solve problems or think critically.

This leaves children unable to grasp the few opportunities open to them as they grow up.



How BMS will help

By providing teacher training for teachers in 22 partnered Nepali schools.

This training will encourage, support and equip Nepali teachers to focus on teaching critical thinking, rather than how to make sure the children pass the next test.


By developing and implementing a new ICT curriculum.

Children will learn vital computing skills, providing them with new employment opportunities in the future.


By encouraging wider changes in the Nepali education system.

By working together with the government, there is potential to improve the education of children throughout Nepal.


How can I help?


Your gifts can make a real difference:


£28 can provide a day of training for over 20 Nepali teachers


£56 can provide two days of school visits, giving support and advice to teachers


£138 can provide a week’s visit to a rural school, making a real difference in the lives of the children


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Supporting this project


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Capital: Kathmandu 
Population: 31,551,305 (2015 est.)
Size: 147,181 sq km
Language: Nepali
HDI: 145/188 (2015)

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