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Worth Saving is about more than feeling good about ourselves (and it’s certainly not about making us feel guilty!) We know that fine feelings and nice ideas won’t save the planet or bring climate change to a halt. Actions will make all the difference. 
In this section, we’ll host the suggested actions and activities (from our Worth Saving monthly emails) that you can join BMS World Mission get involved in as part of the global movement for creation care. 
Action 1: sign up! Sign up today to Worth Saving. It’s a simple step, but it could make a huge difference in terms of your engagement with this crucial issue. 
Action 2: introduce a friend! Once you've signed up to Worth Saving, forward this welcome email with a personal message encouraging them to sign up. 
Action 3: show the love on Valentines Day! February is shaping up to be an amazing month for creation care advocacy across the UK, with “craftivism” actions happening in many different ways. We can't wait to see how you will get involved. Check out our action suite to decide what will work for you.
Action 4: switch your energy provider! As individuals, one of the most important things we can do to combat climate change is to switch our homes to clean energy. All Worth Saving subscribers can take advantage of the BMS partnership with Climate Coalition to access a deal offered by The Big Switch during March. 
Action 5: become a BMS 24:7 Partner! Find out how you can play a key role in enabling BMS environmental scientist Laura-Lee Lovering and plant propagator Sarah McArthur as they work with pastors and communities in the Amazon. If, like them, you see creation care as a vital part of mission, get involved with 24:7 Partners today.
Action 6: Reflect on Hope in God's Future! Use the questions and activities it offers to aid your reflection, personal study and devotion.
Action 7: Take part in the Worth Saving photo competition! The winning entry will be our feature image available to download this December. Enter here!
Action 8: Eco-friendly holidays! If you’re going on holiday this year, that’s likely to mean a significant increase in your carbon emissions. We hope, like us, you’ll think it’s worth doing something to mitigate the impact of our travel. Our friends at Climate Stewards, who were BMS partners for Futureshape, continue to offer a carbon offset programme for travel.


Alternatively, you might like to consider a staycation, or one of these creation care themed holidays.


Action 9: Give to support mission training! There’s a chance to give to the Amazon-based mission education project, mentioned in February’s Worth reading article, in the BMS summer appeal. Peruvian pastors learn about creation care onsite, as they take part in vital mission training. Worth giving to!


Action 10: Eco churches and week of action! Two things for you to consider:


1. Talk to others about whether your congregation could become an Eco-Church

2. The next big action that BMS will be supporting as part of our membership of The Climate Coalition is a week of action designed to let our MPs know that climate change matters to their constituents! 
In October, MPs across the UK will be invited to events in their local areas such as nature walks, community energy projects and loads of other events as part of a week of action to start new conversations about climate change. Now’s the time to sign up to receive copies of the event organisers’ pack or to get on the mailing list to find out about events local to you.
Action 11: Eco churches and week of action!


Before 8th October, MPs across the UK will be invited to events in their constituencies such as nature walks, community energy visits and loads of other happenings that pick up on regional outdoor activities which their voters value.
Each event is part of a week of action to start new conversations about climate change. 
Will your MP receive an invite?
Pick something creation-linked and celebratory. (It might be something that happens regularly anyway). Then invite your MP to enjoy that with your church or group. This will help to demonstrate to MPs that their constituents want them to keep pressure up on the government to stick to the COP 21 commitments and all related UK spending decisions
So far we’ve heard of Devon cream teas, Yorkshire duck races, school open days, fishing lessons for MPs, and mums and toddlers groups – where parents think it’s worth doing something to ensure the planet is intact for their kids to enjoy.
It’s also a great way of getting new people involved in creation care – because they can be invited to enjoy the event too.
BMS is a member of The Climate Coalition and has helped to fund resources to help you do this. There’s even a template letter to invite your MP to be part of the event.
Anything else stopping you? 
You can find out who your MP is by typing in your postcode at, or call the House of Commons enquiry line on 020 7219 4272. If you’re in Wales, to find out who your AM is, go to
Whether or not you organise an event, you can talk or write to your MP about signing the Brexit pledge:
Add your voice to a call for any replacement to EU legislation to be as strong as, or stronger, than what we agreed to in Paris at COP 21 ahead of the vote to leave Europe.
BMS partner Hope for the Future have released a helpful new template letter as a guide for writing to MPs following Brexit. You can use this ready-made outline to ensure your MP understands that their constituents have two key concerns at this time:
1. That the UK ratify its commitment to the Paris UN Climate Agreement now that we will no longer be a part of the European Bloc.
2. That other areas of environmental law remain intact.
Let us know when you send an invite or a letter by mailing
Action 12: Our challenge this month is at two levels. Pick the one that works for you: 
Try being a flexible vegetarian (a flexitarian) for a month and see how you, and maybe those you live with too, get on.

Commit to having one meat free main meal a week. 

There’s inspiration on both in October’s Worth Reading article:  Food, farming and flexitarianism and many more ideas at, the home of a not-for-profit campaign headed up by the McCartney family to help slow climate change, preserve precious natural resources and improve health by encouraging us to try one meat-free day a week, as an act of stewardship.


We’d also like to draw your attention to the sustainable fish list – in the form of the handy, downloadable Good Fish Guide.


As Wendell Berry noted, way before most of us started realising that how and what we eat is a political issue, “The condition of the passive consumption of food is not a democratic condition.”

In a related blog, Michael Pollan describes Wendell Berry as a “supreme dot-connector, deeply skeptical of reductive science and far ahead not only in his grasp of the science of ecology but in his ability to think ecologically: to draw lines of connection between a hamburger and the price of oil, or between the vibrancy of life in the soil and the health of the plants, animals and people eating from that soil.” Sounds good to us. 


Action 13: Pray and fast for climate change

Join a movement of Christians praying and fasting on the first of each month for climate justice.


Pray and Fast for the Climate

started off in the UK, but now includes people from Australia, Canada, Europe and the US. It’s supported by BMS World Mission, the Baptist Union of Great Britain, the Methodist Church, the United Reformed Church and BMS partners A Rocha UK, Climate Stewards and Hope for the Future.


Making this practical commitment is a very powerful way of standing (or kneeling) in solidarity with a global network who care about creation. Just pray and fast on the first of each month – or on another occasion monthly, if that’s more appropriate.


You can also choose to sign up for monthly updates and use the regularly updated materials shared on the Pray and Fast for the Climate site to resource yourself to spend time in prayer, alone or with others, for current climate issues.


But what if I can’t fast for health reasons?

Not a problem! When we talk about fasting, we have the same understanding as the global Fast for the Climate movement, who say:

“Our understanding of fasting is going without something voluntarily. In this case we are mainly talking about going without food. Most of us are fasting on the first of each month, for 24 hours. But there is no right or wrong way to do it. Some people are skipping a meal together once a month. Some people are fasting from carbon consumption and production. Some people are fasting from food waste.

We’re all different – and people have different health concerns and responsibilities. It’s up to you what you choose to fast from as a sign of your prayerful commitment.”








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