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Worth Saving April actions

Action 1

Download or order your own hard copy of Hope in God’s Future, and use the questions and activities it offers to aid your reflection, personal study and devotion.


Action 2

Use these taster reflections from the Hope in God’s Future resource individually, in a church seminar or with an all-age group.


Reflection a

Either: Cut up pictures from catalogues, newspapers and magazines to create a montage depicting the lifestyle we aspire to, or are lured to, or unthinkingly fall into.

Or: Make a list or “mind map” of ways in which our lifestyles (personal, corporate, ecclesial) are contributing to the high level carbon emissions which are causing climate change.


  • Which of these are easy to forget or take for granted?


Look through a selection of newspapers, cutting out stories which address the effects of climate change, particularly in other parts of the world.


Make a note of related stories you hear on the news.

  • Do you have links with Church Partners in other countries?
  • How might they be affected by climate change?

Use these stories as a focus for prayers of intercession.

Reflection b

Either: Tear up the list you made earlier and offer each piece to God, asking for a vision of a better way.

Or: Tear up your montage of a high-carbon lifestyle and stick the pieces onto a fresh sheet of paper to see if you can create a new image of a renewed order of life.

  • Can you suggest why repentance, in relation to climate change, must be individual and corporate?

Reflection c

How far would you agree with the following statement?
“A commitment to living within sustainable levels of carbon emissions is central to Christian discipleship in our days.”

  • What, in your understanding, are “sustainable levels of carbon emissions”?
  • How could this be realistically achieved in your daily life?






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