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Worth Saving is a creation care initiative that seeks to engage the mind as well as the senses. Each Worth Saving monthly email will link to a piece of though-provoking writing on an aspect of creation care, and we’ll host them here, too, in case you’d like to share them with your friends.




Why 2016 was an excellent year for the fight against climate change

Recent political shocks and social turmoil are reasons for hope in the fight against climate change

“The Donald” did it. Confounding pundits and confusing the political establishment, Donald J Trump was elected President of the United States of America in November 2016. This was not good news for climate change campaigners ...  [read more]


Worth sacrificing?

The planet is worth saving, on that we’re agreed. But should it cost us financially?

I love the idea of being green. Buy organic; recycle; carbon offset; take public transport or walk, instead of taking the car – I am up for all of that. And then my good thoughts and intentions come grinding to a halt. It comes down to one thing ...  [read more]


Food, farming and flexitarianism

Small changes that make a BIG difference.

We’re bombarded on almost a daily basis with facts about the current state of the environment and, quite frankly, it goes over our heads. At least it did for me until very recently. Having studied a BA in Geography with a heavy emphasis on climate change, statistics were being thrown at me relentlessly. It felt hopeless, and, ironically, I ended up strongly demotivated ...  [read more]


How climate change is affecting Nepal’s poorest communities

Watch this video, filmed in Kathmandu, to find out how environmental issues are impacting Nepali people and what BMS World Mission is doing to help.

“The reality is: climate change affects the amount of food  children eat,” says Jerry Clewett, a man who has dedicated over a decade to serving in Nepal with BMS World Mission. “If we really have a heart for the poor, we have to take these issues seriously ...  [read more]


Four reasons why the planet is worth saving

Dr Ruth Valerio, Churches and Theology Director, A Rocha

Is caring for creation still important? Here are four reasons why it is. I’ve just come back from preaching at a church that used little plastic disposable cups for communion. Probably about 500 were used which means about 26,000 little plastic cups in a year ...  [read more]

And God saw that it was good: creation care as mission in East Asia

By Hailey Brenden, Writing Intern, BMS World Mission

“The rich countries of the West may be able to cope with climate change, but what about the people in countries with few resources?” says Jack*, a BMS World Mission worker in East Asia. “Do we think they matter to God too?” These are the important questions that inspire Jack to do something more to care for creation...  [read more]

Ecological hope in crisis?

By Richard Bauckham, biblical scholar and theologian, University of Cambridge

The Church has frequently had to think afresh about Christian hope in changing contexts. It’s not that the essence of Christian hope – the great hope, founded on Jesus Christ, for God’s redemptive and fulfilling renewal of all his creation – changes. But if Christian hope is to retain its power to be the engine of the Church’s engagement with the world, if it is to be more than an ineffective private dream, hope itself needs renewal as the world changes... [read more]

Building the Will for Action

A keynote address given by Christiana Figueres, Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, edited and republished with permission from the St. Paul’s Institute. 

I am honoured and humbled to join you in St Paul’s Cathedral. Over the past 300 years, millions of citizens from this great city and around the world have gathered under these three magnificent domes to pray for the moral courage to defeat some of the major injustices of our society: slavery, Apartheid and fighting for equal rights for women, to name a few... [read more]

Hope in God’s Future: Christian discipleship in the context of climate change

by the joint working group on climate change and theology convened by the Baptist Union of Great Britain, the Methodist Church and the United Reformed Church

Hope in God’s Future sets out to take us on a transformative journey, using the changing mood of a service of worship as a framework. It includes a guide that can be used as a tool for personal study and devotion, pointing the reader to questions and activities which will aid reflection...  [read more]

Amazonian mission: an environmental scientist in Peru

by Sarah Stone, Writer, BMS World Mission

“I feel like I am in a Wildlife on One documentary all the time. It is an absolutely astounding place to be, as a person who studied biology. The level of diversity is mind-blowing.”

Laura-Lee Lovering is an environmental scientist serving with BMS World Mission in the Peruvian Amazon – an area renowned for its high level of biodiversity. “For me this is a beautiful, fascinating place,” she says. “God has done such an amazing work here. It would be crazy to think that we could let it be destroyed without worrying about it...” [read more]


Worth photographing: an interview with Greg du Toit

by Jonathan Langley, Head of Content, BMS World Mission

Photographer Greg du Toit is a massive part of Worth Saving. His Christian faith is an integral part of his photographic career ‒ a career that has also seen his work feature in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year show, his pictures receive multiple awards and one of his exhibitions attracted 40,000 visitors a day.   

We caught up with Greg in the middle of his hectic schedule to ask him about his faith, his photography and why creation care matters to him...  [read more]



A fair COP?

by David Kerrigan, General Director, BMS World Mission

If, like most of us, you prefer your issues cut and dried, goodies and baddies, then climate change is just the kind of thing to avoid! For every opinion, you’ll find an opposite opinion; for every believer, in spite of scientific consensus that climate change is occurring, you’ll find a sceptic. 


So sitting on the fence is understandable but, I’m sorry, it’s also indefensible... [read more]



A summary of Pope Francis’ encyclical

by Marie Birkinshaw, Root and Branch magazine, A Rocha

In the summer of 2015, A Rocha UK issued a statement encouraging churches to reflect on Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’ (published in May 201 If you haven’t had a chance to look at the Pope’s message, here’s a handy summary... [read more]




Why worth saving? Why now?

by Mark Craig, Director of Communications, BMS World Mission

Our Director of Communications, Mark Craig, talks about Worth Saving: a new creation care resource from BMS World Mission. 

Everyone’s fed up with climate change, right? We’ve heard it all before and frankly, we’ve had enough of being lectured about it. I think we can all sympathise to some degree with that.
And yet… [read more]







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