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A summary of Pope Francis' encyclical 

Written by Marie Birkinshaw, a member of the Root and Branch magazine team at BMS partner A Rocha. 
In the summer of 2015, A Rocha UK issued a statement encouraging churches to reflect on Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’ (published in May 2015)… If you haven’t had a chance to look at the Pope’s message, here’s a handy summary to prompt you to do so.
Aimed at promoting dialogue with all people, the document is split into six wide-ranging chapters:

1. Lines of approach and action

2. The human roots of the ecological crisis

3. What is happening to our common home

4. The gospel of creation

5. Integral ecology

6. Ecological education and spirituality

Two hundred and forty five bite-size nuggets cover topics like pollution and climate change, biodiversity loss, societal breakdown, global inequality, biblical wisdom, the harmony of creation, technology and globalisation, the effects of modern anthropocentricism, inter-dependence, ecology and ecosystems, principles of the common good and justice, practical action, faith, hope and love… with fittingly, prayer as the conclusion.
Written in a very accessible style, the encyclical is helpfully signposted so that it can be read and digested at the rate and depth you choose. It prompts reflection and debate and does not shy away from controversial issues, but, at the same time offers gentle and wise exhortation. The document draws on the long tradition of Catholic social and ecological teaching going back to Francis of Assisi. It shows that together we need a fresh analysis and to find a common way forward.






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