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Why Worth Saving? Why now? 

Our Director for Communications, Mark Craig, talks about Worth Saving: a new creation care resource from BMS World Mission. 
Everyone’s fed up with climate change, right? We’ve heard it all before and frankly, we’ve had enough of being lectured about it. I think we can all sympathise to some degree with that.
And yet…
As I write this, I’m looking at a page on today's BBC website titled ‘Warming set to breach 1C threshold’. The article lays out how 2015 is likely to be the first year which takes us more than halfway to a 2C rise above the average temperature between 1850-1900, which is the accepted point where warming becomes dangerous, and takes our modern climate into uncharted territory. This is why world leaders have made meeting in Paris for the COP 21 conference on climate change a priority. The world is warming, and most of us have not yet fully begun to comprehend the enormity of the consequences of that fact. 
Whatever your views on the source of the warming, it’s clear that this is an issue, for everyone.
At BMS, we’ve been actively promoting awareness of the issue of creation care since 2007, when we launched our FutureShape campaign, in which we offered a range of resources for churches, including short video insights from Christian experts in the field. We also committed BMS to fully offsetting our worldwide travel emissions, a principle which we adopted and maintain to this day.
To our surprise, FutureShape became our most successful DVD resource ever. 
But we do agree that it’s probably time to stop lecturing each other about the subject, as that’s clearly not working.
And so we’re delighted to introduce you to Worth Saving, our new creation care resource for 2016, which builds on the progress we and supporting churches have made.
Worth Saving is a monthly update package, which is free of charge, and free of guilt.
Each month of 2016, everyone subscribes to Worth Saving will receive an email from us containing:
  • A beautiful creation care image, which you can use as your desktop background, from an award-winning African photographer 
  • A piece of thought-provoking writing, on a creation care theme
  • A set of signposts to additional reading, if you have time
  • A related practical action or two which you can choose to take
  • Prayer points – because climate change is one of the greatest challenges that has ever faced humanity, and we will only solve it with God’s help
So you can read a bit about the subject, take an action if you’d like to and also receive some simply stunning images, which we think you’ll love and treasure – and will serve as a reminder to you, on a daily basis, that this world, its landscapes, fauna, flora and people, is indeed Worth Saving. 
Creation care is increasingly a mission issue. We hope Worth Saving will help you respond positively and with insight to a challenge which will be a defining one – if not for us, then certainly for our children.
Bless you for your interest and support.
Mark Craig
Director for Communications
BMS World Mission






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