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Christmas gift tags - projects



Thank you for buying Child’s Life gift tags this Christmas – or you may have received one attached to a present.


The purchase of these tags is helping to support two amazing projects that are transforming the lives of children in the developing world.


Life-saving treatment for a malnourished child


Chad has one of the world’s highest death rates for children under the age of five*. That’s why the work of the Guinebor II Hospital in Chad is so important.


Malnutrition is one of the main underlying reasons for this high death rate. Weakened by lack of food, children become susceptible to disease and are unable to fight infection. The malnutrition programme at the hospital, supervised by BMS worker Rebecca North, provides intensive medical and nutritional treatment for malnourished children and also shows their mothers how they can increase the nutritional content of the food they prepare for their families, using the meagre resources available to them.


This is having amazing results. Not all the children survive but many do and leave the hospital stronger and happier, with delighted parents having witnessed their recovery. By buying the Child’s Life gift tags you are helping to provide this life-saving treatment for the children.


*United Nations Development Programme, Human Development Index 2012


Schooling for a child living in poverty


A good education opens up the opportunity of employment, which means providing food for your family and the prospect of escaping the cycle of poverty. But how can you prepare for school if your parents are illiterate, you don’t even know how to hold a pencil properly, and every night you go to bed hungry? In some countries children are not allowed to start primary school until they can write their own name. Who will teach them if their parents and friends are illiterate?


BMS preschool education projects are helping underprivileged children in Africa and Latin America. The model is simple: working with the local church, children who would otherwise be disadvantaged when they first went to primary school are given a head start. Children attending a preschool project get everything you’d expect from a preschool, plus a healthy meal, lessons in basic hygiene such as washing your hands and cleaning your teeth, and the opportunity to hear the gospel and Bible stories.


Without this support, these children would start primary school at a disadvantage, and that disadvantage would slow them down throughout their school careers, leading many to quit schooling altogether. Thanks to these projects, many of these children are now staying in education, ensuring brighter prospects for their futures.


Read the testimony of Luan Mikael Sousa Araújo, whose life and that of his family have been turned around through pre-school education and finding faith in Jesus Christ.


Every tag purchased supporting children’s education provides one day schooling for a child. That really is a gift worth giving!




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