Transforming lives on four continents

engage issue 1/2011

Hospitality in Thailand, everyday life in Angola and outreach to older people in Paraguay

  • Bridging cultures: Pete Maycock puzzles over why no one was coming to visit (page 1)
  • David Kerrigan on mission conferences (page 2)
  • Angola: in a world of its own (page 3)
  • World News, including baptisms in Albania and celebrations in Angola. Plus recent relief grants and News in Brief (pages 4 & 5)
  • Meet Claire Baines; ideas on new ways to pray; Jan Webb editorial (page 6)
  • 24:7 Partners: a medical scholarship programme in Nepal; meet BMS workers Harland Rivas and Gill Thurgood (page 7)
  • Journey: stories from new places that BMS is working and preparing for an Action Team in Lebanon (pages 8 & 9)
  • Legacy advert; Dennis Pethers writes about debt (page 9)
  • Special Report: A grand plan - reaching Paraguay's older generation (page 10)
  • Insights from Grace; Philip Halliday with a focus on Kosovo; Ten things to know as you enter another culture (page 11)
  • The big picture from South Africa; Last word from Steve Campion (page 12)  
Click here to read more on the subject of outreach to the older generation. This follows on from the article on page 8 of this issue of engage magazine.



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