Transforming lives on four continents

engage issue 3/2009

Mission and risk, schooling in Nepal and Europe

  • Mission and risk: Is the world more uncertain than it has ever been? (page 1)
  • David Kerrigan says that prayer mustn't lull us into passivity (page 2)
  • The miracle of KISC: How one school in Nepal is making a difference (page 3)
  • World News, including a fundraising cycle ride in Albania and an evangelism campaign in Guinea, plus recent relief grants and News in Brief (pages 4 & 5)
  • Meet Steve Morris; ideas on new ways to pray; Jan Webb editorial (page 6)
  • 24:7 Partners: refugee churches in Uganda; meet BMS workers Tim and Helen Brook (page 7)
  • Mission opportunities: compassionate ministries in Kosovo, Guinea and Peru (pages 8 & 9)
  • 24:7 radio advert; Dennis Pethers asks if you're comfortable (page 9)
  • Special Report: A fresh vision for Europe (page 10)
  • Insights from Grace; Philip Halliday with a focus on Bulgaria; Ten ways to fundraise for BMS (page 11)
  • The big picture from Brazil; Last word from Steve Campion (page 12)



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