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How is the Bible true? (issue 2/12)

How is the Bible True?

It may seem a strange question, but it is also one of the most important questions every Christian must ask themselves. The Bible is central to Christianity, critical to our understanding of who Jesus is and critical to mission.

The Bible contains God's divine revelation. It is true. But, with so much riding on Scripture, many Christians have thought surprisingly little of the ways in which the Bible is true.

This issue of Mission Catalyst deals with some fascinating and challenging subjects:

  • How Muslims and Christians see the Bible and Qur'an differently - and what this teaches us
  • Literary genres in the Bible
  • Faith in biblical complexity
  • Understanding the Bible as 'a play in five acts'
  • 'Bible-abuse' and its consequences
  • Moving from a focus on inspiration to one on purpose

This issue of Mission Catalyst also features infographics, expressing statistics about popular attitudes to whether various Bible stories are true. A recommended reading list will also help you delve deeper.

With contributions from David Kerrigan, Mark Woods, Stephen Holmes, Tom Wright, Martin Goldsmith and Katherine Manion, the How is the Bible true? issue of Mission Catalyst is a must-read for all serious Christians.




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