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Accessing additional DVD content on a Mac


Insert the disc into your DVD drive. You may find that Apple’s DVD player application automatically starts. If this happens, you may need to press the escape key to exit full screen mode. Then click on the DVD player menu and select quit DVD player.


You may find that the DVD icon appears on your desktop. If there is no icon, you will be able to access via the Finder icon in the dock. 


Click the DVD or Finder icon. The Finder window will then appear. The DVD will appear on the sidebar menu on the left under devices. 


Click the DVD icon. The folders on the DVD will open in the next column or in a new window, depending on your Finder preferences.


To improve performance, especially when dealing with large video files, we recommend that you copy these folders to your desktop or documents folder on your computer.


Please ignore the other folders – these are system files for the DVD.


These files are now stored locally on your machine. You can now eject the DVD from your computer.


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