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Recommended booklist for FutureShape?

Planetwise: Dare to Care for God’s World


Dave Bookless

IVP, 2008

ISBN 978-1-84474-251-6  (£7.99)


A primer in a biblical understanding of our relationship to God and to his creation, easy to read, and answers many of the basic questions. An excellent introduction to creation care, and highly recommended.



Caring for Creation: Biblical and Theological Perspectives


Ed Sarah Tillett.

Bible Reading Fellowship, 2005

ISBN 1-84101-439-7 


A distinguished team of theologians and scientists link their own concern for creation and interpretation of scripture, showing why, for them, the urgency for environmental action springs from Christian faith.  This is closely intertwined with examples of the work of A Rocha. The contributors include Eugene Peterson, John Houghton, Sam Berry, Peter Harris, Chris Wright, Ghillean Prance, Peter Carruthers, Vinoth Ramachandra and Dave Bookless



When Enough is Enough


Ed R. J. (Sam) Berry.

Apollos, 2007

ISBN 978-1-84474-180-9


Why should Christians be concerned about sustainability, and is this achievable?  Here is another team to give a biblical background (Sam Berry and Dave Bookless) and scientists such as John Houghton (climate change), Ghillean Prance (the non-human world) who examine their own field of interest, and tackle topics like agriculture, economics, water and waste.



Christianity, Climate Change and Sustainable Living


Nick Spencer and Robert White

SPCK, 2007 

ISBN 978-0-281-05833-4


Nick Spencer, the Director of Studies at Theos, the theological think-tank, joins with Robert White, Professor of Geophysics at Cambridge University, to outline the problem with our deteriorating environment, give a biblical perspective, and a Christian response.  Authoritative and penetrating.



The Care of Creation


Ed R J Berry.  

IVP, 2000

ISBN 0-85111-657-4


This is essentially a series of commentaries on the Evangelical Declaration on the Care of Creation (of 1994), giving a Bible-based understanding of the environment as God’s creation entrusted to our care and wonder, with a foreword from John Stott.  One review that labelled its contributors as ‘a battery of leading evangelical thinkers’ was not wrong: it is an astonishing array, brought together through the auspices of the John Ray Initiative.  Mostly short contributions, but full of good things.



God’s Book of Works: The Nature and Theology of Nature


R. J. Berry  

T & T Clarke, 2003

ISBN 0-567-08915-0 (pbk)

If you want a more substantial account, here it is.  Sam Berry, formerly Professor of Genetics, University College, London, who has chaired so many Christian environmental groups that by now he might have lost count, gave the Gifford Lectures in Glasgow in 1997-98.  His passion brings together God’s Book of Works (creation) with God’s Book of Words (the Bible).  He explores religious faith in the light of biological knowledge, the relation between genetics and morality, gives a response to Richard Dawkins, but centres on ‘green religion and green science’, exploring the credibility and relevance of Christian belief in relation to ecology.  Christian faith recognises our affinity to all other creatures and our responsibility for stewardship within the world.



The Hot Topic


Gabrielle Walker and Sir David King   

Bloomsbury, 2008

ISBN 978-0-7475-9395-9  (£9.99)


Sir David King was the UK’s Chief Scientific Officer until 2007: this is an authoritative account of the history and understanding of climate change and what can be done about it, written, quite intentionally, in a journalistic form.  It gives the technological and political solutions and ends with a list of ‘myths, half-truths and misconceptions’.  Highly accessible.



Global Warming; the Complete Briefing


John Houghton

CUP, 2004

ISBN 0-521-52874-7 3rd edition
4th edition ISBN 13:9780521709163 due April 2009 (£24.99)


Sir John Houghton was Chief Executive of the Meteorological Office 1983-91 and the Co-chair of the Scientific Panel of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and Chairman of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution.  This is the scientific evidence for climate change, the impact it will have, and what actions could be taken, written for an ‘intelligent non-scientist’ (and that is a quote!).  Some technical explanations are put in boxes, and can be disregarded if found too difficult.  In the middle is a chapter giving his own clear Christian viewpoint.  We must be grateful that we have one acknowledged worldwide as an expert astrophysicist, who has been at the forefront of international appraisal of climate change, ‘on our side’.


Book list compiled by Peter Biggs for BUGB 


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