Transforming lives on four continents

L'Eglise: Episode guide

The videos are up-close and personal, showing the ups and downs of family and church life in a challenging context of social deprivation and multicultural diversity.

Episode one sets the scene, introducing the Martins, the town and the church family in Rouen.

We catch up with Reuben and Katie in episode two after their first few months and find out how they are settling in, more about the area, and the progress that the church has made since the previous visit.

By establishing a closer partnership with a local church, Reuben and Katie organise a holiday event to engage with youth and children in the local community. See more in episode three.

In episode four we meet the France Action Team: four young people begin their experience of working in Rouen as part of their gap year. One month later they record some of the work done in the church and film Julie’s baptism. Julie tells us what it’s like to meet Jesus for real in France. 

Katie and Reuben share some of the highs and lows of the last year in episode five. How has the church dealt with opposition to new ways of doing things? Also, Benjamin, one of the young people is baptised and we see how God is at work on the estate.

Episode six
 focusses on prayer. Prayer is central to all that Katie and Reuben do in Rouen. In this episode, we see how the culture of prayer at the church has been transformed, and we also say goodbye to the Action Team.

In the final episode, we hear about Katie and Reuben’s journey to this point in their ministry. We look back at how things have changed over the past two years and look forward to see what the next steps are for the church in Rouen.


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