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Thailand Freedom Bakery appeal

Help to restore dignity and freedom to women trapped in prostitution


In the red light district of Bangkok, Paul and Sarah Brown, BMS World Mission workers serving with BMS partner NightLight, are making a difference. They are bringing real laughter, healthy community and the light of Christ into the lives of women trapped in the sex trade.


We hope you will support a particularly exciting project that will provide alternative employment opportunities to women freed from a life of degrading exploitation. A project we’re calling the Freedom Bakery. NightLight will be training women who they have helped out of Thailand’s sex industry in the art of professional baking. This is a project being led by BMS worker and expert baker Sarah. The skills the women learn will enable them to help run a bakery that will sell cakes and confectionary, and will contribute to a life of dignity and hope for women who for far too long have been robbed of both.


Sarah Brown talks about her work in Bangkok and her hopes for the Freedom Bakery. Download here.


Alongside the baking training, the women will be given the opportunity for counselling, introduced to faith in Jesus Christ, and taught various life skills which will help them to reach a level of healing from the past and be equipped for the future.



You or your church could make a huge difference to the Freedom Bakery by supporting it financially, providing startup capital to launch a business with a focus not on exploitation but transformation. Your gifts will help to provide an industrial oven, heavy-duty food mixer, baking tins and sugarcraft cake decoration tools, cake ingredients and a salary for the women in training for the initial start-up year.




The ingredients for 12 large cupcakes, to be sold at a profit




set of cake tins and sugarcraft tools





A week’s salary for a woman being trained in professional baking


Whatever you can do, please consider a gift for the Freedom Bakery and support us in the fight against the sexual exploitation of women and girls. Thank you.


BMS Cake Challenge


Do you have Bake-Off fans in your church? Or just members who have a great recipe, passed down through generations for the best cake ever? What about enthusiastic newcomers to the baking game, willing to try their hands? Then the BMS Cake Challenge could be for you and your church!

Hold a cake baking competition, with judges, as a church event. Make the entrance fee the cost of the cake’s ingredients and sell the entered cakes after the judging. The money you raise can be sent to BMS to support our Freedom Bakery and help women out of the sex trade.



The Thailand Freedom Bakery appeal is part of our Dignity initiative, taking a stand against gender based violence. For more information and to take a stand, visit the BMS Dignity webpage.


If the funds received exceed the amount required for the bakery project, any additional funds will be used to support other justice ministries among Asian women.








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