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Enough food for everyone IF

BMS World Mission is part of the IF campaign against global hunger and wants you to join it too,

Enough food for everyone IF

Two million children will die this year because they didn’t have enough to eat – two million children who could live IF we all work together. BMS is pleased to add its name to the list of over 100 organisations supporting IF and standing as one to see the end of this global injustice.
Enough food for everyone IFThe IF campaign says that the one in eight people who go to bed hungry each night could go to bed fed. BMS is working with people all over the world for whom getting food is a daily struggle – but their hunger is totally preventable, and we would love nothing more than to see it end, forever. BMS is also committed to challenging corruption and struggling alongside the dispossessed for land justice. 
The UK government (unlike many) has promised to provide 0.7 per cent of national income for aid in 2013, in accordance with previous commitments, and to host a hunger summit. In June, the world’s most powerful leaders will meet in the UK at the G8. We need to make them keep their promises.

The IF campaign is focusing on four major areas – aid, land, tax and transparency – and the steps we can take to change the future for millions. Everyone can be involved. By signing up, buying fairtrade, sharing the campaign with friends, electing to have one meat-free day a week, or writing to your MP you can have an impact. 
What you can do
Write to your MP saying that you support the IF campaign, that tax-avoidance reinforces poverty in the developing world, that international aid is an important issue for you personally and that you would support the government’s 0.7 per cent commitment. You can write a letter or email your MP from this page.
Visit your MP and tell them the same thing.
Write a handwritten letter to Chancellor George Osborne asking him to prioritise the world’s poor in his 20 March 2013 budget.
Sign up to the campaign:





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Why is BMS getting involved?
“The IF campaign is something I hope all BMS supporters will join, because many of its aims are our aims too. BMS is called to alleviate suffering and bring life in all its fullness to people around the world in the name of Jesus Christ. Hunger and the injustices that lead to hunger are major obstacles to that work. By supporting the IF campaign, you are, in a very important sense, working alongside BMS around the world.
BMS is proud to work with churches and Christian organisations around the world in combating hunger and the poverty and injustice that lead to hunger. Every day our workers come face to face with hunger and malnutrition and they do important, life-saving work in alleviating its effects and local causes.  

We’re grateful to every Christian who supports our work among the hungry through giving and prayer, and we hope that by joining the IF campaign, followers of Jesus will add their voices to a global call for justice that could eliminate the systemic causes of hunger worldwide.”  

David Kerrigan, BMS General Director

IF there’s enough food for everyone, why are people dying?



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