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We need to speak out about Congo.

We, with the smart-phones, the laptops, the digital cameras. We, with the technology to read this, the money to care and the democratic structures through which to speak.


We need to talk about Congo because since 1998, foreign forces, rebel militia groups and breakaway armies have torn the east of Congo apart, committing acts of mass rape and genocide.


And this has everything to do with our phones, our computers, our cameras. The killing in Congo (and the displacement, poverty and insecurity that have stalked it) have claimed between two and six million lives.


And those doing the killing, those responsible for driving millions from their villages, are often funded by Coltan, a mineral essential in the manufacture of phones, laptops, digital cameras. Congo is rich in Coltan, more so than any country on earth.


And while hostilities claim lives, Coltan is exported through Congo’s neighbours, to Europe, America and Asia. The money global companies pay for Coltan makes its way back to the militias and rogue soldiers doing the killing.


We need to speak out about Congo because we are benefiting from her suffering.


Tell your church. Write to your MP. Speak out today.


























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