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Since the late 1920s, the BMS Stamp Bureau has been raising money for BMS World Mission by gathering and selling used postage stamps and other collectibles. In 1928, this first appeared in the BMS accounts as a contribution of £60; now, with your help, in the last financial year it raised nearly £17,000.

As you send stamps, and other collectible items such as first day covers, coins, medals and cards to the BMS Stamp Bureau, they are collated and sold on to collectors and dealers. The income raised is passed on to BMS to support our work of transforming lives around the world. 
As always we value the support of churches and individuals who regularly send both small and large quantities of stamps and other items to us, those who pass on collections by way of a legacy, as well as our team of Stamp Bureau volunteers (see details below). 
For more information order our stamps leaflet (below).
If you are a collector and would like to purchase stamps or other items from BMS Stamp Bureau, please contact:


For Foreign and Commonwealth stamps:
Ken Flint
For British stamps:
Richard Camp
For other collectibles:
Richard Camp
For general enquiries:



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Latest information

During the BMS Financial Year ending 31st October, 2016, the Stamp Bureau raised nearly £15,000 through the sale of stamps, cards, coins and other items. This is a slight decrease on the record figure last year but still a significant amount raised for BMS. We are grateful to everyone who sent in donations and to the Stamp Bureau volunteer team in generating this income for the mission work around the world. 
Please address any parcels or packets containing donations for the BMS Stamp Bureau to the BMS address in Didcot. Items can be delivered to Baptist House in Didcot if you know someone calling in or going nearby and this will save postage costs. 
Do not forget to mark the package or parcel 'For BMS Stamp Bureau' and to include an email address or an SAE for an acknowledgement. Please do not include other items for BMS as such items may get delayed.
We can also sell accessories so please include with donations items such as tweezers, hinges, unused pages and albums, packets, coin holders, card pages etc.

The sum of £15,000 is really very significant when we look at the impact this has in mission terms. An example could be the recent grant we have made to provide 2,000 picture Bibles to vulnerable Syrian children. In the present turmoil, young people can be vulnerable to false ideologies and radicalisation perpetuated by extremist groups. Working with them, investing in them and introducing them to Biblical values such as love, compassion, grace, peace, justice, acceptance of others and forgiveness is an investment in the future Church of Syria. Another example might include BMS’ support of malnutrition prevention workers at our hospital in Chad, serving the vulnerable community of Guinebor II. Your collection of stamps will really help to make a difference.













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