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Relief grants

A list of recent grants that BMS has given to bring relief and recovery from disasters.

Syrian refugees in Lebanon
Chad, Malnutrition, £5,400 (November 2016)
To provide support to two BMS Supported Partner Workers (SPWs), working as malnutrition workers, providing eduaction and community support in a region with severe food insecurity issues.
Nepal, Disaster Risk Reduction, £1,800 (November 2016)
Providing support to a new BMS SPW in Nepal, who is working to improve disaster prepardness in a country at high risk of natural disaster, and still recovering from the destruction of 2015's earthquakes.
Israel-Palestine, Peacebuilding, £1,550 (November 2016)
To support the peacebuilding efforts in Israel-Palestine by a BMS Partner, through opportunities for inter-community dialogue and shared experiences between societies.
Lebanon, Education, £39,200 (November 2016)
BMS has delivered this grant to support an education programme which is bringing vital learning support to children with learning difficulties, including many Syrian and Iraqi refugee children.
Victim in CAR conflict
Israel-Palestine, Reconciliation, £1,550 (November 2016)
To provide support to a BMS partner leading vital reconciliation meetings. This grant will support the running of these meetings, which also include peace research and youth programmes.
Lebanon, Reconciliation and Eduation, £10,800 (November 2016)
To support BMS Mission Workers Arthur and Louise Brown in Lebanon, whose work is providing vital support to prace efforts in the region. The grant is helping Arthur to run 'The Feast', which brings together young people from different cultural and faith backgrounds, breaking down barriers between them. It also supported Louise's work on an education project reducing illiteracy amongst Iraqi and Syrian refugees.
Doctors protecting themselves against the Ebola virus.
BReaD, Disaster preparedness, £36,000 (November 2016)
This grant is helping to grow and develop the Baptist Relief and Development (BReaD) Network, which helps to coordinate the Baptist response when disaster strikes.
Haiti, Hurricane Matthew, £24,546 (November 2016)
To provide assistance to Cholera prevention and treatment projects in Haiti following Hurricane Matthew, helping 3,236 people affected by the disaster.
Mozambique, Immediate relief supplies, £6,640 (December 2014)
To provide immediate relief and recovery supplies to the village of Capirizanje after a fuel tanker exploded in November 2016, killing over 100 people and burning many more, including mothers carrying children. Food and maize seed were provided to 200 families, which supported approximately 1,000 people. 
Family from Gaza refugee camp
Lebanon, Refugee education, £36,000 (December 2016)
To provide education to refugees, in a country where one in four children are refugees. This grant will provide additional space and education to 80 children who have been unable to go to school. They will receive basic education in Arabic, French and Maths, and will also receive meals and healthcare.
Nepal, Disaster recovery, £33,000 (February 2017)
To provide ongoing support to an earthquake relief project called GRACE (Gorkha Rehabilitation and Community Empowerment), in response to the large number of injuries and disabilities caused by the 2015 earthquakes. The project involves advocating for disabled-friendly buildings, disabled-rights training, and opening employment opportunities and healthare access to those with disabilities. 

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